Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some Clarifications

Social Democracy is Socialism Lite. Some central control, some taking from one person and giving to another (slavery), some liberty, and a general sense that people exist for the good of each other and the State makes people do things for each other.

Being enslaved by majority vote is still enslavement. Having something taken by force, for the benefit of another, even if the decision to do so is made by the majority, is still theft.

Government is necessary for liberty; some limitations and some coercion is necessary for liberty. Support of government must be the responsibility of all citizens, so taxation to support expenditures for the common good (to support the minimal functions of government) is necessary. Income transfers, subsidies, welfare, forced savings, and goodies given to individuals and companies are not expenditures for the common good. They are theft by majority rule.

This blog is about Liberty. It advocates the maximum possible human liberty. It happens that, when individuals have liberty an extended order of voluntary human interaction spontaneously emerges and self-organizes. This extended order creates the wealth that reduces and gradually eliminates poverty, and enables our vast population to survive. The greater the liberty, the greater the wealth creation.

Central control is necessary for socialism. Despite the fantasies of Marx. The extended order is too complex and too dynamic to be understood, let alone planned and controlled. Thus, to implement the planning and control socialists believe is necessary, socialism eliminates the liberty that sustains the wealth-creating extended order. Despite the fantasies of socialists. Look at the data, examine history, consider results rather than intentions. A little bit of socialism eliminates a little bit of liberty and destroys a little bit of the wealth creation.

So, by advocating liberty I oppose socialism and advocate the only thing that has ever worked to reduce poverty.

Countries are poor because their governments - whether colonial or indigenous - have not given their people the liberty to create wealth.

I care deeply about my fellow man, so I advocate the liberty that will make my fellows better off. I encourage people to use their liberty to freely help others, but government-mandated charity is theft, not helping the poor.

‘You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money’
– P. J. O’Rourke

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