Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Perhaps You Don't Think It's Possible

You may think a spontaneously emerging, self-ordering system that organizes complexity is not possible, that a complex system requires a human (or superhuman) planner.

Well, that's a religious issue.

Or, perhaps, you think such a system would automatically emerge but for greedy capitalists who thwart a just and efficient system. That's Manichaean, also a religion.

If you think guidance is necessary and you think you are a rationalist and not a religious fundamentalist (that includes those fundamentalists who worship human reason), you might study evolutionary biology. Or contemplate a wild marsh wherein plants, animals, fungi, microbes, and bacteria contrive to create a well-ordered, stable-yet-dynamic system without oversight by Harvard-educated intellectuals.

There are even sciences devoted to the study of self-ordering systems: Synergetics, Autopoietics, Systems Theory, and Cybernetics.

Human reason is a limited tool. Powerful within its realm, but limited. Confronted with the complexity of an ecosystem (wild or human), human reasoning is dwarfed, utterly overwhelmed.

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